Planning your visit

What sets Verve Napa Valley apart from competitors?

Verve introduces you to the authentic cast of characters who embody the wine country lifestyle. Many tours begin with complimentary sabering of sparkling wine, and an experienced host accompanies you on your visit, offering local knowledge and insights as well as exceptional service. Verve takes you above and beyond the typical tourist experience – visiting off-the-beaten track, limited production wineries with the owners and winemakers, touring iconic wineries with living legends in viticulture and winemaking, and discovering cult wines before they’ve been discovered. Verve’s signature vehicle is a luxurious, customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter Coach, which seats 12 people, has 6’3” of head room, and large windows to take in the picturesque scenery. Our luxury coach is stocked with complimentary water, snacks, hats, sunscreen — all items necessary for a day in the Valley. Specialty items stocked upon request. Other options include luxury sedans, mid and large-sized SUVs, luxury passenger buses, and a classic Thunderbird.

How far in advance should I book my experience, and what's the easiest way to get started?

The more time we have to work together on your itinerary, the better your chances are for securing reservations at all of your top wineries and other destinations. That said, we've been known to pull some magic out of our hats with very short notice. If your party is larger, we suggest you book as far in advance as you can. You can book an experience by clicking here or calling us at 707.253.2269.

I am a wine collector and have very specific tastes; what can you offer me?

We can offer you the opportunity to connect with some of wine country's top sommeliers, winery owners, and collectible cult wines. Verve’s connections throughout the valley will provide you with an unmatched experience. Whether it's your first time in the Napa Valley or your tenth, we guarantee your Verve experience will be the most memorable.

What if I'm more of a beer or liquor drinker?

There are some fantastic breweries and distilleries in wine country, and we love to integrate them into Verve experiences! Whether you'd prefer to visit a mix of wineries and breweries, or maybe only breweries and restaurants, we've got you covered.

How long is a typical Verve experience?

Most of our guests book their experiences to last the entire day, about seven to eight hours of tour time. We have a six-hour minimum for transportation, but we suggest spending at least six hours out in the valley to get a full experience. We can also arrange for multiple day transportation for your special event.

Are there tasting fees at the wineries?

The vast majority of wineries do have tasting fees, which range from $25 to $75. Some places waive this fee for guests buying wine, but policies vary. We obtain cost information ahead of time so there are no surprises when you show up to a winery.

Can we choose our own wineries and just have you drive?

Yes, you can. Verve is more than happy to honor any pre-existing itinerary you have, and offer you our luxe transportation services on a standalone basis. We provide an experienced and professional chauffeur, and have access to a fleet of high-end vehicles suitable for any size group. If you wish, we can also provide a host to help you make the most of your time in wine country.

How many wineries should we expect to visit?

Two to four wineries seem to be the sweet spot for most Verve guests. If you would prefer a shorter day it is reasonable to visit two wineries, having enough time to enjoy a tour and tasting. If you are planning for an all-day trip, you can generally visit three or four wineries. This is entirely up to you, as some guests want to visit only one winery and spend the rest of the day exploring wine country's hidden gems, while others only want to visit wineries. We strive to showcase places you'll want to linger and connect with your hosts.

I am on vacation with my kids. Can they come on tour?

We can certainly set up an amazing tour of wine country for you and your family. Many wineries are not kid-friendly, but we will still take as much care selecting wineries that will please the entire family. We suggest basing your itinerary around additional family-friendly wine country activities like visiting a honey bee farm or exploring a vineyard. We’re also happy to recommend a well-qualified daytime nanny that can watch your children as you experience the Napa Valley.

Is there a particular dress code?

We suggest our guests dress in “wine country casual," which basically entails dressing in layers. Winery caves are kept at a constant 58 degrees, and Napa cools off very quickly in the evening. We also request you refrain from wearing perfume (it may interfere with your tasting experience), wear sensible shoes, and bring sun protection like a hat and sunglasses since we may be exploring the vineyards.

When can I expect to see my itinerary?

As soon as we receive your deposit, our team gets to work creating your unique itinerary. How long it takes varies depending on the complexity of the request, the time of year, and how quickly we hear back from wineries and accommodations—things we unfortunately can’t control. Regardless, you’ll always receive your itinerary with enough time to check out our proposed activities, look over the relevant websites, and realize we’ve put together a fantastic visit.



In which areas are you able to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs? What about airport transportation?

We do our absolute best to accommodate our guests’ transportation needs, and will pick you up wherever you are located. Verve will gladly arrange for airport transportation for our guests from all Bay Area airports, including Sacramento and San Jose. We also offer stand-alone transportation services, if you don’t need or want the full Verve tour experience.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We can easily accommodate both small romantic getaways for two and very large groups (up to 200). Our signature vehicle, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, seats up to 12 people with 6’3” of head room — a luxurious living room on wheels.



What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your vehicle and/or tour. Final payment is due 7 days before your trip. If a cancellation is made within at least seven days of your tour, the remaining 50% will not be owed. Any cancellation made within seven days of a reserved tour will result in the charge of the full rate of the total number of hours reserved. An early termination of a tour is considered a last minute cancellation and is not refundable.

How much should we tip our chauffeur?

Your gratuity is a reflection of how you perceived the quality of the services you received. It is always our goal to exceed your expectations. The industry standard for gratuity is a minimum of 20% of your transportation cost. When base gratuity is included, additional gratuity for exceptional service is at your discretion and very much appreciated. All gratuity is directly transferred back to your chauffeur.

Are there any hidden fees or taxes associated, other than the hourly rate?

We pride ourselves on being transparent about our pricing. For pick-up locations outside of the Valley, there may be travel time costs. You will receive a quote with detailed cost breakdown for your review before any charges are processed.