A Word from Miss Manners:

Some wine courtesy dos and don'ts

DO: Feel free to ask questions, or for tasting notes about the wines you’re tasting.

DON’T: Be afraid to spit, even if you like the wine! That’s the way the pros do it and no one will be offended.

DO: Keep your voice at normal volume levels while you’re in a public tasting room. No matter how awesome the wine is.

DON’T: Be afraid to tell the tasting room attendant what you like and don’t like about the wines. They can help you identify the characteristics you do/don’t like, and give you suggestions on wines you might like in future.


DO: Remember that cell service in a lot of wine country is spotty, thanks to all the caves and mountains. Make a plan in advance with people you want to rendez-vous with, and let them know you’re not consistently reachable.

DON’T: Bury your face in a screen (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc) during winery visits. You’ll miss out on the beauty of your present moment, and give your hosts the impression you’re bored and not enjoying your visit.

DO: Take lots of pictures and videos of our gorgeous wine country!

DON’T: Take pictures or videos of people you don’t know... unless they’ve told you it’s ok first.

DO: Have fun and enjoy yourself tasting.

DON’T: Take it too seriously!