Our Top 5 Most Romantic Things To Do In Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Country

Is there anything more romantic than a wine country getaway?

Not in our minds. Whether you’re coming for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a proposal, or just to light up the weekend, Napa and Sonoma are full of delicious diversions to get you in the mood.

Here's the Verve Team's shortlist for maximum romance on your next trip to wine country...


Private Art of Sabrage Lesson

As everyone who’s seen it can tell you, sabrage is a sexy business. Drama, danger, the swashbuckling figure with a sword...it’s really got it all. Plus, you get to drink champagne afterwards. Whether you’re slicing open real Champagne or bubbles from another region, an intimate private sabrage lesson is a fantastic way to kick off your wine country visit. See it in slow-motion here.


Aphrodisiac Food Tour

Some foods have been on the seduction best practices list for thousands of years. Find out why on a roving and sensual tasting tour that includes Napa Valley’s best oysters, chocolates, chilies, avocados, and other tantalizing treats. (Might want to end the day with this one.)


Winery Private Photoshoot

A must for proposal weekends, or a romantic getaway you never want to forget. Picture it: you and your honey, alone (with a professional photographer) in the vineyards, looking gorgeous and in love. If you’d like, Verve can also hook you up with hair and makeup pros to get you looking your best.


Champagne and Caviar Tastings

Love is worth celebrating, and if you’re a couple with a taste for the luxe, it’s hard to beat a guided caviar tasting with ultra-premium bubbles. Champagne taste, beer budget? We can also arrange less expensive caviars that won’t break the bank. Learn about the many delicious options out there, and discover your new favorite breakfast….


Chocolate Couples’ Massage

YES. The ultimate Valentine’s Day treatment, this unique spa experience swaddles you in warm chocolate before a blissful, fragrant massage. It’s pure, sensual decadence that leaves you kissably soft and smelling good enough to...well, you know.


We’ll put together a custom itinerary for your wants and desires, whether that includes Muir Woods hikes, chocolate massages, or all of the above. And then we’ll work our magic to make it all happen.

When it comes to romance, pampering, and creativity, we pull off the best wine tours in Napa and Sonoma.

Take the guesswork out of planning your romantic escapade, and give Verve a call.